Event Consultant

At your side, providing professional insight and advice for a successful event.

You, the tournament coordinator, are the most important part of your charity golf tournament. It is your responsibility to put on the entire event together; to determine a game plan, budgeting, marketing and graphic design, acquire players and sponsors, track finances, determine gifts and prizes, event logistics and day of schematics. All the while ensuring your guests have a fun filled day, your organization builds valuable public relations, and the event is a success professionally, socially and financially.

With so many charity tournaments, how are you going to set your event apart, increase awareness of your organization, acquire the players and sponsors to support your event, and make your event a success? What resources do you have to work with? Who will help you handle all the details? Design, marketing, press releases, donation request letters? Players, sponsors and volunteers? Event games and course logistics? Prizes, gifts, and raffle items?

PGS makes charity golf tournaments its living! This is what we do. We have the resources and know-how to make your event a success. Every organization has their strengths and weaknesses; PGS eliminates those weaknesses. We are here to assist you with whatever aspect it is that you need.

Our sources, services and resources are virtually endless. Whether it be for a particular product, increase your event’s presentation and/or completely involved in the operations, we are here to help you.

Most events will tend to use PGS in one of the following aspects:

  • 1. Supplier – Shirts, Hats, Golf Equipment, Prizes, Tee Signs, Banners, and even Hole-in-One Insurance.
  • 2. Enhancing the Day of Presentation – PGS’ enhanced features and a personalized touch help you to upgrade the quality and presentation of your event.
  • 3. Event Consultant – PGS is here to help you and guide you to make your event one to remember.
  • 4. Tournament Coordinator – We handle much of the detailed work, leaving you the time and energy to focus on your guests and supporters.

Pre-Event Services

  • 1. Establish a Golf Event Plan that maximizes your goals and objectives
  • 2. Assist with site selection and course negotiation
  • 3. Assistance with budgeting and planning
  • 4. Graphic design and Design Event Brochure, marketing materials and day of Event Booklet
  • 5. Establish and implementation of press releases and other noted marketing
  • 6. Track, organize and implementation of all player, sponsor and event details
  • 7. Assistance of tournament play format and activities
  • 8. Coordination of food and beverage
  • 9. Organization of Golf Committee meetings
  • 10. Act as liaison between event and golf facility
  • 11. Assistance with sponsor/player strategies and acquirement
  • 12. Custom Design of tee signs, banners, and other materials; assist with acquiring
  • 13. Assist in securing merchandise, awards, tee prizes, auction items and more…
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